President Obama, It is No Laughing Matter To Those on The Receiving End


Note to the President—It’s not a laughing matter.

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John Mariotti at Forbes doesn’t share President Obama’s sense of humor:

President Obama may joke about “shovel-ready projects not being so shovel-ready” but it isn’t funny to the 15 million unemployed Americans or to the 425,000 Americans who file for unemployment each week.  In fact, the humorous stimulus failures President Obama and his jobs council chuckled about cost Americans $800 billion.  For what?  Who knows?  The Obama administration had to “invent” estimates for jobs saved/created, because they sure don’t show in the regular measurements.

In case you missed it, the incident Mariotti refers to occurred in Durham, NC recently:

At this point, Obama smiled and interjected, “Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.” The Council, led by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter.

How very Presidential.

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